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Updated: Apr 28, 2019

Triple.is Crypto Re-Fund program!

At Triple.is you can pay for all services with Crypto-coins. But with our special Crypto Re-Fund program you can earn back your paid service or even generate a profit.

Case: You buy a training-course for 1911.80 Euro with Crypto coins. The value of this Crypto coin, for example, increases by 30%. We give you a Re-Fund of 50% on the profit of 286.77 Euro. You decide when you want to implement this Re-Fund.

The Re-Fund program is valid for one year. If you buy new services or introduce a customer, it automatically becomes one year extended! We Collaborate with Coinbase and use these current rates. https://www.coinbase.com - https://FinancialExcel.org - https://Triple.is

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