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Triple is the world leading specialist in the field of detection Errors and the Tracing of Fraud!



The question is: which accounting software is used, SAP / Oracle etc. "It is all based on SQL" and the time is limited to determine the extent of the error in Excel or is the accounting fraud. We convert the accounting data into Microsoft Excel. Once in Microsoft Excel, the data can be analyzed to check for employee errors and / or accounting fraud. What is accounting?

All companies are measured in dollars / euros and all dollars / euros are measured with accounting. This accounting process begins with the registration of all financial transactions in journal entries. The next step is to post the journal entries in the respective accounts in the ledgers. The debit and credit account must be compared. The final result of the accounting process will be the financial report; the financial report will consist of 4 basic financial statements, the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement of retained earnings and the statement of cash flows. The financial report will only be as good as the journal entries. Missing, faulty or fraudulent journal entries will provide a financial overview that is fraudulent.

Data collection for research

* Before any research can be done, there are several steps that need to be taken:

* Identify the type of financial application used in the organization.

* Determination of the required scope of the data, i.e. the duration of the data to be analyzed.

Conversion of data to a universal format such as a comma separated value (CSV) file. Once the data has been collected, it must be cleaned to ensure that it can be easily analyzed.

The steps include the standardization of the data format and the short form, acronyms and addresses. For example, if the date format is in the mm / dd / yy format, it must be converted to the dd / mm / yy format for easier readability. Any kind of typing errors should also be resolved as two different organizations, in record may be the same due to typing errors. A sample files with cleaned data is displayed.

Information Investigation

Accounting Software.

There are 44 commercial and 32 freeware accounting software packages that are used by various organizations and companies for drawing up accounting needs. The accounting software can also be customized to meet specific accounting needs. All accounting software uses the same basic accounting principles or generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for the accounting machine. The only difference is how to use the software. Usually, powerful software is more complicated to use because of the many interrelated modules that are run together. One of the more popular accounting software used by large organizations is SAP. SAP is now installed at 84,000 locations in 120 countries around the world, and is used by more than 10 million people a day, as stated in SAP is also very complex to use. Because of the number of accounting software available on the market. SAP is the most commonly used, the possibility is high that the auditor is skilled in that software. If the accounting software used by the organization is not well-known or is tailor-made, the auditor must learn from the beginning how to use the software effectively.

The Employee!

Remember that an Employee very often doesn't know how Excel really works and makes MAJOR mistakes in the Reports!

Analysis of employee errors and data for fraud detection.

Once we have solved the user errors in Excel, we examine whether the data are collected on the basis of the scope of the investigation and have been cleaned up, then it can be analyzed whether there are indications for accounting fraud. When the data are in the correct format, it can be opened in Microsoft Excel. This is a spreadsheet program that can perform calculations and data manipulation and analysis using formulas and functions. In addition to its own XLSX file format, Microsoft Excel can also load CSV files and more. Now the required data is ready to be loaded into Microsoft Excel. What can be done to determine accounting fraud correctly and quickly?


Triple Audit tool

Developing the necessary functions and formulas to detect user errors and / or accounting fraud is too time-consuming, the best alternative is to use Excel. We use support for data analysis and data mining to perform analytic procedures within the Microsoft Excel platform.

There are more ways to use the tool:

* Menu - a graphical system to collect the required information

* Excel function - a user-defined function

* Command bar commands are typed as text

* System registry jobs are stored in the system registry and then loaded for selection, modification and processing of worksheet, the main processing parameters are stored on a worksheet.

The primary purpose of the tool is to investigate user errors / forensic accounting and accounting fraud investigations. Once the problem has been identified, the accounting data must still be thoroughly analyzed by professionals.

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