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Our way of working is completely different!

We inventory, plan and program together with you! You have your Core Business and you know what you want and where it stands. We have our Core-Business and know what is possible and how to apply this!


So together we come 10 steps further.

If your reports are ready and live and you need to make adjustments in the future, you can do this yourself. You know exactly how the report (s) has / have been developed. 


The need for financial reporting software,

Most accounting and ERP systems focus more on collecting data than disclosing this information that you need for your reports. Obtaining the right financial and management information can be difficult and is often based on manual processing. Standard reports usually have a fixed layout and often provide too many details or too few details. Or do not have the desired layout. Business intelligence systems are expensive, require extra ICT investments and specialist knowledge and offer limited flexibility for the end users. solves these problems by offering unprecedented flexibility and convenience towards (end) users without the need for a large and expensive ICT implementation.

How does work? can read data from export and print files of accounting and ERP systems but also directly from other systems and databases. Information is stored and aggregated in its own database that is optimized for quick and easy financial reporting. enriches the imported financial data with its own translation tables. These tables allow you to add information, such as classifications and groupings. You have full control over these translation tables and you can manually change or update them from Excel worksheets. provides powerful and flexible information from the combined data and allows you to create your own reports and formats. The reports are constructed as fully formatted Excel worksheets with dynamic content and you can change the layout and groupings, filter the report and zoom in / out with the press of a button. Important advantages offers a number of advantages over other Business Intelligence and financial reporting programs: Dashboard navigation generates powerful financial reports without expensive ICT implementation and can be used both on a standalone computer (for one user) and on a database server fully integrated in Microsoft Excel, making it easy to learn and use. Imports data from any source (export or print files, or directly from other systems). All reports are dynamic and flexible and can easily be changed by users. can generate different types of reports:

Dynamic reports (based on Excel pivot tables, but with advanced options), Graphs (both static and pivot table charts), Formatted Excel lists (including filters and subtotals), Special formulas that allow you to extract information from your database directly place in each spreadsheet. Reports can be distributed in different ways: Excel worksheets HTML pages CSV files XML and XBRL files ZIP, PDF and e-mail attachments.

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